Alcohol Awareness: Faculty & Staff

Student performance in class is strongly correlated to the number of drinks consumed, resulting in missing more classes, getting behind in school, and dropping out of courses.

Students who are at optimum wellness increase their opportunities for academic and personal success, as well as persistence in classes. Research shows a positive correlation between a high level of faculty/staff -student interaction and desirable outcomes, such as more time spent on course work and avoidance of high-risk social behavior.

What can I do about high-risk drinking among UWF Students?

  • Take attendance in class
  • If you are unable to hold class, invite a health educator from Wellness Services to speak to one of your classes. Call (850) 473-7112
  • Integrate information on alcohol/drugs and related cultural issues into instructional presentations, meetings, and the classroom.

What resources are available?

Advice and personal intervention are available through these services:

Counseling and Psychological Services OLD: (850) 474-2420
Student Health Services: (850) 474-2172