How do I request the Shadow Box Display Case?

Contact or stop by the Service Desk and Ticket Center, by calling 850.474.2406 or stopping by Great Hall in Building 22. Request cannot be made via email.

Where is the Shadow Box Display Case located?

The Shadow Box display case is located on the ground floor of Building 22, in the Great Hall, and right next to the UWF Bookstore.

What materials can I display in the Shadow Box?

Be creative! The Shadow Box is a great way to show off your student organization’s information, upcoming events, awards, and members. The Shadow Box is a locked display case, but we do suggest that Student Organization do not put any items of high value into the case.

How long can reserve the Shadow Box?

All registered Student Organizations are allowed two non-consecutive monthly calendar weeks each month to reservation the Shadow Box display case. All reservations start on Sunday (set-up day) and end on Saturday (removal day) at 11:59PM.

If I have already made a reservation and would like to change the dates, can I do this?

If a Student Organization has already requested and reserved a date on the Service Desk Calendar and would like to change their reservation dates:

  • They must contact the Service Desk to make sure that the new reservation dates (week) is open. If a date is already blocked off for a Student Organization, another organization CANNOT reserve that week.
  • All requests for date changes must be made by the same person who request made the original request.

If I do not remember which dates I have reserved the Shadow Box, is there anywhere to check my reservation?

All reservations for the Shadow Box can be view on the online Service Desk Calendar or you can call the Service Desk during regular business hours, during regular business hours and confirm your reservations.