Fraternity & Sorority Life

Greetings from Fraternity and Sorority Life

Being in a fraternity or sorority is an important component of student life at UWF. With several different councils, there are plenty of organizations in which you can find connections. Joining a values-based fraternity or sorority is a great way to develop meaningful relationships, create a life-long network, enhance your leadership skills, engage in meaningful service and philanthropy efforts and be immersed in a social environment throughout the process. At their best, fraternities and sororities create foster invaluable life skills from exposure to diverse groups of students, make an impact globally and locally and create a sense of belonging throughout the college experience and beyond. UWF offers an inclusive fraternity and sorority life community of 21 chapters and 700+ men and women. Experience the journey, and find your place in the University of West Florida fraternity and sorority community.