Sharing Volunteer Opportunities

Student Involvement encourages registered non-profit organizations to share their volunteer opportunities with University of West Florida Students.

We encourage registered non-profit organizations that have volunteer or service opportunities to post their positions using JasonQuest, which is an online database system containing student, employers, and non-profit organization profiles.  JasonQuest allows employers and non-profit organizations to post positions (volunteer, full-time, part-time, seasonal, internships, CoOp).  Open positions will only be posted through our JasonQuest system and are available to students and alumni 24 hours a day.  Registration and postings are absolutely free!

When volunteer opportunities are posted in JasonQuest, Service & Citizenship then shares these opportunities with UWF students through email, social media, and our student involvement database called ArgoPulse.

If you have specific questions about the JasonQuest system, please contact our partnering department, Career Development & Community Engagement.  They manage the database and can be contacted at 850-474-2254 or