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Emerge Faculty Fellow:
Dr. Christopher Amos

Educational Leadership Study Away Experience

Dr. Christopher Amos

Students in the Educational Leadership program will have the opportunity to attend a study away program that will give them a unique experience and perspective about the role of the principal and district administrators.

Prior to arriving at the location the students will be asked to develop a project idea for the various sites and choose one to be implemented when they arrive at the location. The students will then spend a week in an intense, rigorous and enlightening experience in various schools and district offices. The students will be asked to report their experiences both as a group and as an individual during the trip. Once the students return from the trip, a follow up symposium will be conducted for the students to share their experiences and to share their thoughts for future trips.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

For more information, please contact Dr. Christopher Amos at, or 850-474-3289.

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