Acting Out:

Femininity, Visuality,

and 20th Century Popular Culture

Text Box: Prof. David M. Earle
 M W 5:30 — 8:50
BLDG 52/162
Text Box: This class shall examine the rise of visuality and its link to the shifting portrayal of femininity in popular culture from the 1920s to the 1960s, from the Flapper to the House Wife. 

Texts will include advertising, popular magazines, film, and photography, as well as novels, short stories, and literary and cultural criticism ranging  from Betty Friedan to Donna Haraway. 

Required texts: 
Ann Bannon, Odd Girl Out, Cleis
Ira Levin, The Stepford Wives, Harper
Anita Loos, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Penguin

The following .pdfs will be supplied: 
Ellen Ashley, Girl in Overalls (1943)
Smart Set magazine, July 1927
The Home Magazine, Oct. 1931
Assorted short fiction and critical articles

Films will Include
It, 1925
Baby Face, 1933
The Divorcee, 1930
Smart Blonde, 1937
His Girl Friday, 1940
Mildred Pierce, 1945
Pillow Talk, 1959