James Joyce’s Ulysses



M W 5:30– 8:50

Bldg 51/148

This Class is entirely devoted to a single book, but a book that is arguably the most influential novel of the 20th century . We will consider why Ulysses has been censored and celebrated, alternately labeled filth and genius, called unreadable and voted the best novel  ever written in English. We will consider its turbulent publishing history, its various stylistic experiments, its multiple narrators, its cultural and historical heritage, and its canonization.

   But mostly we will submerge ourselves in the text, reading it as the tour de force it is, and enjoying if for its pure beauty of language and sheer literary moxie.


Joyce, Ulysses. The Corrected Text (also known as the Gabler edition). Vintage.

Gifford, Ulysses Annotated, University of California Press.

Joyce, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, any edition TO BE READ FOR THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS



Gilbert, James Joyce’s Ulysses, any edition

Joyce, Dubliners, any edition

Ellmann, James Joyce, Oxford UP


Critical Articles via .pdf

Dr. David M. Earle

Bldg 50, rm. 247


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