Dr. Dawson has designed and implemented three generations of technologies in the Interactive Distributed Learning Laboratory, a digital video network teleconferencing facility and initially coordinated its campus-wide instructional efforts. He also provides expertise to the College in digital media production and streaming technologies.
As an outgrowth of the success of the E-Learning Technology degree program, Dr. Dawson was tasked with the initial coordination and development of a new academic department within the College of Professional Studies, the Division of Engineering and Computer Technology. He serves as a faculty member in this division.
Dr. Dawson coordinated the development and implementation of the Division of Technology, Research and Development's Baccalaureate of Science degree program in E-Learning Technology. This project includes the design and development of specialized web-based simulations and lab experiences necessary for the delivery of on-line technical courses.

As Director of UWF's Instructional Media Center for 10 years, Dr. Dawson led initiatives to develop a programmatic approach the design and implementation of technology-enriched classrooms.

Dr. Dawson earned a Bachelor of Arts at Florida Atlantic University, a Master of Arts in Communications from the University of Michigan, and a Doctor of Education degree in Instructional Technology from the University of West Florida.

Additionally, Dr. Dawson develops working methods for integrating advanced web technologies into collaborative instructional design and development processes for online professional development and performance support projects. His research and analytical skills have been applied to the development of several performance support tools including one for which he is listed as co-inventor in its patent application, and one recently adopted University-wide for the development of web-based online programs.
Research interests for Dr. Dawson are in the area of developing theory-grounded instructional design support tools for integration into reusable learning object database-driven instructional delivery systems. He is also interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of expert knowledge elicitation and documentation through the use of database-driven web interfaces.
Dave Dawson Ed.D.
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Dr. Dave Dawson served as the Chief Technologist for the College of Professional Studies at the University of West Florida. He plans, develops and implements the technology strategy for the College.
Dr. Dave Dawson