Instructions for Web-based Ethics Training

The concept maps included in this training can be navigated by clicking on any of the icons located below a concept. Selecting one of the choices displayed will move you to a related concept map, additional information, PDF format examples, or related websites.

On the right hand side of each page there are several buttons that will always appear. These include a link back to these instructions, a link back to the home concept map, and a link to frequently asked questions about research ethics.

Once you have navigated all information and feel comfortable with the material, you may click on the "Take Final Quiz" button located on the right hand side of every concept map.

You can return to these instructions at any point during your session by clicking on the "Instructions" button, located on the right hand side of any concept map.

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Pages created by:

Stanny, Wheeler, and Kass



These materials were posted in 2004 using a navigation software tool that makes the content of pages (especially URLs) impossible to edit or modify. 

The basic content of this tutorial continues to be a valid overview of ethical considerations for scientific research.  However, some content on these pages may now be dated (e.g., content related to current regulations). 

Consult the Office for Human Research Protections for up-to-date information on current regulations.

Consult your institution's Institutional Review Board for up-to-date information on local regulations.

Web addresses for some site may have changed and I am not (unfortunately) able to update these URLs.

Users are no longer able to submit their quiz responses to an email address.

Claudia Stanny

Updated:  16 November 2012