EXP 4507

Spring 2012


This course will satisfy the core requirement for Learning and Cognition

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EXP 4507L - Laboratory in Memory & Cognition

Syllabus for Spring 2012

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Chapter Numbers Refer to Goldstein (2011) Cognitive Psychology (3rd edition)

NOTE: Slides posted on this web site are not identical to those that will be presented in class. The posted slides are intended to assist you in taking notes during class. They are not intended as a substitute for attending lecture or reading the text. The posted slides include the major points that we will discuss in class but do not include all of the photos, graphics, and demonstration materials included in class presentations.

My Power Point slides are posted as Adobe PDF files. If you do not have the Adobe software, you can download this software from the UWF server. There is a link for this on my home page.

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Updated 12 April 2012