Psychology of Learning

EXP 4404 - 0797 (Fall 2005)

Power Point Presentations

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Interesting Web Links

Communities Founded on Walden Two Principles

Twin Oaks Community

Comunidad Los Horcones

Library of Short Video Clips Demonstrating Classical and Instrumental Conditioning

Animal Learning Videos

Using Behavioral Training Principles on Your Pets - Karen Pryor

Click on pages devoted to the training of specific animals (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) for tips on training and short videos of animals in training.

Karen Pryor's Clicker Training Web Pages

Assistance Dogs International

Dogs are trained to provide several forms of assistance: Guide Dogs provide assistance to the blind, Hearing Dogs provide assistance to the deaf and hard of hearing, and Service Dogs provide other forms of assistance (such as fetching) for individuals with non-sensory disabilities.

This site provides information about the training standards for different types of assistance dogs. It also provides information about the legal issues associated with assistance dogs such as access to public places, etc.

Assistance Dogs International

National Association for Search and Rescue

The National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to advancing professional, literary, and scientific knowledge in fields related to search and rescue.

This link directs you to the NASAR pages on training dogs for search and rescue.

NASAR Search and Rescue Dogs