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Cognitive Daily

This site publishes a new article on cognitive psychology each day.

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Eyewitness Memory

Gary Wells's Web Page

Gary Wells conducts research on eyewitness testimony. He is particularly interested in the validity of line-up procedures. His web site includes links to press coverage of his extensive consulting work. You will also find electronic copies of many of his research publications and sample photos of biased line-ups.
Memory Disorders
Listen to an interview with H. M., the subject of a long-term case study of the effects of loss of the hippocampus on memory. (NPR Story, February 24, 2007)  Click to listen
Links to videos of an interview with Clive Wearing. (4 parts)
Part 1            Part 2           Part 3        Part 4
Diana Deutsch's Web Page

Diana Deutsch conducts research on the perception of and memory for sounds. She is particularly interested in perception and memory of music and in the relation between the perception of music and the perception of speech. Her site includes a number of demonstrations of musical illusions.

Change Blindness Links
Daniel Simon's Web Page

Visual Cognition Lab at the University of Illinois. This site includes several demonstrations of change blindness and inattention blindness.

Change blindness demonstrated while recruiting participants for an experiment at Harvard. (YouTube video)

Magic and Cognition: The Amazing Colour Changing Card Trick
YouTube video that demonstrates the importance of cognitive processes for a magic trick
Optical Illusion Demonstrations

A collection of optical illusions and other visual sensory effects.

Site maintained by Michael Bach.

Stimulus Materials
Word List Generator

University of York

Application will generate words lists from the Paivio, Yuille, & Madigan (1968) norms for 925 nouns, rated for Imagery, Concreteness, & Meaningfulness. Data for frequency in printed text from the Kucera & Francis word counts are also provided.