Academic Advising Overview

A graphic that shows the three areas of Advising: FTIC, Departmental and Faculty.

Based upon the number of semester hours a student has earned and his/her status, academic advising services at the University of West Florida are found in three areas. Each type of advising has its own unique offerings, and the combination of the three will give you the information you need to make decisions about your major and/or career path. The three areas are:

  • First Year Advising Center:  includes First-Time in College Students (first semester in college following high school graduation), freshmen (students who have earned less than 30 semester hours) and undecided students. During the first year, students typically focus on completing General Education requirements and major pre-requisites. First-year honor students are advised by advisors in the Kugelman Honors Program and first-year student-athletes are advised by the Athletic Advisor.
  • Once a student with a declared major completes 30 or more semester hours, advising is provided by the student’s major department. Departmental advisors provide further advice on course sequencing, appropriate minors and ensuring that you are fulfilling all of the University's graduation requirements. Departmental advisors can also help with scholarships, basic career information and research opportunities and internships.

For students who have earned 30 semester hours or more and are entering their first semester of enrollment at UWF, the New Transfer Students link is essential for accessing “next step” information and checklists.

Transfer Students

For students who have earned 30 semester hours or more and have attended at least 1 semester at UWF, the Continuing Students link provides information on topics such as MyClasses, registration, advising PINs, course offerings, degree audits, holds, waitlists, final exam schedules, clicker registration, and syllabi.

Continuing Students

  • Faculty mentoring ties together all of the knowledge gained from First-Year Advising and departmental advising. Faculty mentors can provide information on emerging issues in the field, how to earn any needed credentials and pursuing graduate-level coursework.


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