Dr. Alan Schrock


Dr. Alan K. Schrock is Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry, which he joined after a 26-year career with The Dow Chemical Company. Schrock is a former UWF student, too. He earned a B.S. in Chemistry at UWF before going to the University of Illinois, where he received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. He teaches courses and works with undergraduates involved in research projects. His course load has included Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and other subjects.

At Dow, a worldwide leader in specialty chemicals, Schrock held several positions, including head of a multinational Research and Development Team that designed next generation products. He was a founding member of Dow’s Corporate Sustainability Group. Schrock is co-holder of numerous patents and won an award in 2014 for co-inventing the NEPTUNE Subsea Insulation System, a breakthrough technology specifically engineered to withstand the increasingly harsh conditions associated with subsea oil production.

He also is co-founder and directing manager of a company that consults of chemistry and polymers with a focus on bio-based materials and their applications. Schrock’s work has been published in Thermoplastic Elastomers Magazine, Adhesives and Sealants Industry Magazine, Polymeric Foams and others.

Degrees & Institutions:

B.S. Chemistry, University of West Florida
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Illinois


Dr. Schrock's research is focused in two areas: renewable resource-based polymers and reactive oligomers that can be converted to conductive films and coatings. He is also interested in novel boronic acid fluorescent materials that can also be converted to conductive polymers.

Current Courses:

  • Special Topics - Industrial Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry Lab
  • Undergraduate Research

Classes Taught:

    • CHM 2045 General Chemistry I
    • CHM 2045L General Chemistry Laboratory
    • CHM 2046 General Chemistry II
    • CHM 2046 General Chemistry II Lab
    • CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I
    • CHM 2210L Organic Chemistry I Lab
    • CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II CHM 2211L
    • Organic Chemistry II Lab CHM 3400C
    • Basic Physical Chemistry and Lab
    • CHM 4930 Special Topics in Chemistry

Special Interests:

His hobbies include sailing.


    Author or co-author of 23 scientific and industry publications, 3 book chapters, more than 100 Dow Confidential Research Reports, and 45 patents and patent pending applications.

    Selected Publications and Patents Cellular structures and viscoelastic polyurethane foams, Obi, B.; Schrock, A.*; Gamboa, R.; Shafi, A.; Aou, K.; US Patent 9,266,996  February 23, 2016.

    Polyurethane elastomers made using mixtures of aliphatic diol chain extender and secondary amine.  Duggal, R.; Wilmot, N.; Keaton, R.; Schrock, A.*;  US Patent 9,221,941  December 29, 2015

    Oxidation of solids bio-char from levulinic processes.  Mullen, B.; Molitor, E.;  Schrock, A.*  WO 2015134349 A1 September 11, 2015. (UWF-based invention)

    Adhesive containing high solid copolymer polyol polyurethane prepolymer. Krishnamoorthy, J.; Koonce, W.; Van der Wal, H.; Schrock, A.*  WO 2015100128  July 2, 2015.

Keywords: bio-based materials and polymers, NEPTUNE Subsea Insulation System, chemical sustainability, polyester polyols, zinc oxide quantum dots, organic light-emitting diodes, novel fluorescent organic material