Colloquium Schedule

We invite all to participate in our colloquium series, which draws exceptional speakers from around the country. The series also provides our own faculty and students the opportunity to present their own research. All talks are also available via Blackboard Collaborate.


October 13, 2017


Building 4
Room 210

Refreshments will be served

Samantha Seals, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
UWF Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Methods for the Calibration of Longitudinal Data: An Example from the Jackson Heart Study

Abstract: In longitudinal research studies, the devices used to measure participants’ attributes may change over the course of follow-up. When a device change occurs, the two devices should be compared to ensure that measurements are comparable; sometimes, calibration of data is necessary. In this talk, we will review methods of calibration and then discuss approaches considered for the calibration of systolic and diastolic blood pressures from the Jackson Heart Study.

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Past Talks

Achraf Cohen, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Teaching/Research Associate
UWF Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Data-Driven Methods for Process Monitoring

Abstract: Data-driven methods have been receiving remarkable attention, especially in the big data era and the fast pace of research in statistical learning theory. Statistical process monitoring methods are essential to understand the variation in a process and to assess its current state. This talk reviews some of the main approaches in the field with a focus on the multi-scale methods based on wavelet analysis.

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Dr. Dawn Kernagis
Research Scientist
Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC)

NEEMO 21 Mission: Going Undersea to get to Outer Space

Abstract: NEEMO is a NASA mission that sends groups of astronauts, engineers and scientists to live in Aquarius, the world’s only undersea research station. The Aquarius habitat and its surroundings provide a convincing analog for space exploration and for testing emerging technology and protocol for long duration space operations. This summer, Dr. Dawn Kernagis had the opportunity to join NEEMO as both a crew member and a researcher, living underwater for 8 days with 5 other crew members. Dawn will provide an overview of the NEEMO 21 mission, including the crew’s training, experience of living and working underwater, and over a dozen mission objectives ranging from telemedicine to robotics to genetics.

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Dr. David Banks
Duke University
Department of Statistical Science

Modern Data Science: A Survey

Abstract: Data Science is a partnership among three disciplines: statistics, computer science (with ECE), and mathematics. This talk reviews the different perspectives and contributions from these fields, and goes into some detail on sparsity (from statistics), boosting (from computer science), and support vector machines (from mathematics).

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Dr. Koray Karabina
Assistant Professor
Florida Atlantic University
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Biometric Authentication Systems: Constructions and their Security

Abstract: In a biometric authentication system, scanner collects users' biometric images (fingerprint, face, iris, etc.) in the enrollment phase. Distinctive characteristics of the biometric image are then derived during feature extraction; and a digital representation of the feature, called template, is stored in a database. Templates are used during authentication as the basis for comparison. Therefore, biometric templates must be protected from third parties to minimize security and privacy risks. I will survey some challenging problems in the area and demonstrate that assuring the security and privacy of users is highly non-trivial. I will also introduce new cryptographic primitives for biometric authentication and discuss their security.

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Dr. Jossy Uvah
University of West Florida
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Proseminar: Referencing and Good Abstracts

We will discuss the issue of plagiarism, perhaps the most serious crime in academia. We proffer purposeful ways of referencing so as to avoid this crime. In addition, we discuss elements of a good abstract for a research report. All students currently enrolled in Proseminar are required to attend.

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Nutan Mishra, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Statistics
University of South Alabama
Dept of Mathematics & Statistics

Joint Entropy of a Progressively Type II Censored Sample

Abstract: Consider a life testing experiment with progressive type II censoring scheme. Shannon entropy, Awad sup entropy and Renyi entropy for the data collected are computed when the underlying distribution of the life time is a Rayleigh distribution with a single parameter. Then we examine the suitability of these three entropies as objective functions to choose an optimal progressive censoring scheme. Also under the same conditions the suitability of Fisher information and Kullback-Leibler divergence as objective functions are considered.

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Dr. Jossy Uvah
University of West Florida
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

A Quality Proseminar

We will discuss all expectations associated with the Proseminar course at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We will also highlight some events that will help you prepare for a successful project. 

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