Geospatial Computing

The Certificate in Geospatial Computing combines foundational computer programming, database and web programming concepts with the specialized study of geographic information systems.  This program is designed to address the need for customized GIS desktop and web-based applications related to business, geospatial intelligence, education, healthcare, and numerous other employment fields. 

The program focuses on Geographic Information Science, data mining, programming, database concepts, computational modeling, automation, and implementation of customized GIS application.  As part of the coursework, students will be provided with the opportunity to become technically proficient in a variety of geospatial technologies and applications through hands-on instruction.   

The courses for this certificate have been carefully combined to reflect the real-world requirements needed for careers in geospatial sciences.  With 100 percent of the coursework offered online, this program is designed to meet the needs of recent graduates looking to enter the workforce and those working professionals who did not acquire a computation GIS background as part of their primary academic training and desire to continue holding their position in their chosen field.

Please read the following information carefully - university policy concerning certificates has changed.

Students interested in pursuing the Geospatial Computing Certificate must fill out the Declaration of Certificate Form.  This form must be signed by a Computer Science advisor and turned into the Registrar's office. 

Then you will apply online for your Completion of Certificate using the same instructions as applying for graduation online. If you have any issues with this email

All courses must have been completed within 5 years of receipt of application with a “C-" or higher.

Completion of the certificate will be noted on the official transcript at the end of the semester.

The certificate is composed of seven courses for a total of 22 semester hours:


  • Intro to GIS/Lab (GIS4043/L)
  • Applications in GIS (GIS4048)
  • Database Systems (COP4710)
  • Special Topics in GIS (GIS4930)

Select one of the four programming courses:

  • Introduction to Java Programming (COP2253)
  • Programming Using Visual Basic for Non-Majors (CGS3464)
  • Programming Using C++ (COP2334)
  • Programming in Python (COP3990C)

Select one of the following three courses:

  • Internet Programming (COP3813)
  • Data Mining (CAP4770)
  • Theory and Fundamentals of Networks (CNT 4007C)

Select one of the following three courses:

  • Advanced GIS Programming (New Course 4xxx)
  • Internship (GIS4944)
  • GIS Programming (GIS4102)

View the Computer Science Department's Academic Learning Compact Computer Science.

Please direct questions to:

Colleen Weathers-Alger
Building 4 Room 225

Amber Bloechle
GIS Online Director

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