Tutoring is offered as a free service to any student. Tutors hold regular hours and are often available by appointment. Because our tutors are students themselves, they are able to understand the unique challenges that students in Computer Science face.

Pensacola Campus Bldg 4 Rm 221
Alexander Oldaker
(C, C++, C#, Data Structures, Database Systems, SQL, Java,
Operating Systems, Virtualization, Visual Basic, Weka)
MW: 10am - 12pm
R: 3pm - 7pm
F: 10am - 2pm
Jonathon Ingram
(Assembly/Digital Logic, C, C++, Data Structures, Database Systems,
SQL, Discrete Structures, Java, MS Office & Access, Weka)
MW: 12pm - 3pm
F: 12pm - 5pm
Julien Pugh
(C, C++, C#, Data Structures, Database Systems, SQL, HTML, CSS,
Javascript, Java, Operating Systems)
MW: 11am - 2pm
T: 12pm - 3pm
R: 10am - 1pm
Lance Stammer
(Assembly/Digital Logic, C, Data Structures, MS Office & Access,
Network, Operating Systems, Virtualization)
M: 3pm - 7pm
TW: 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Randy Quimby
(Assembly/Digital Logic, Java, Network, Operating Systems, Visual Basic, C++)
T: 5pm - 7pm
R: 12pm - 4pm
F: 3pm - 7pm

If you need tutoring service for a course that we do not have tutor yet, please request it using our Tutoring Request Form.

All tutoring sessions are held in Building 4, Room 221 (The Multi-Platform Lab).