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Careers in Chemistry

The most common question we get from potential chemistry majors is “What can I do with a chemistry degree?”. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available to help answer this question. We tried to compile much of it on this page via the links on the side panel and the information below. Please contact the department if you have any further questions.

In general, chemists at all levels enjoy a wide array of employment opportunities, not to mention an extremely low national unemployment rate. Typically, the national unemployment rate for chemists is much lower than the national unemployment rate.

The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center also has some excellent information on careers in chemistry (This is a must read site!). The American Chemical Society has some detailed lists of opportunities in chemistry. The Careers pages list approximately 30 career opportunities in chemistry - American Chemical Society Careers, and they also keep excellent employment statistics - American Chemical Society Facts and Figures.

American Chemical Society Recent Graduate Employment Survey Results –The survey shows a breakdown of where recent B.S/B.A. chemistry graduates find employment or continue their education.

The University’s Career Services Office – This office assists students with Career Coaching – from deciding what they want to do through how to get to where they want be. They have adopted the Career Coaching process and take students through the process of specifying what they want (Values, Interests, Personality, and Skills), to tracking down information on careers, to deciding and planning their next steps.

University of West Florida Department of Chemistry Career Network- At this site, students can access major-specific job and internship opportunities.

Additional Career-related Links
American Academy of Forensic Science
Chemists and Materials Scientists from the Occupational Outlook Handbook
California Occupational Guide for Chemists

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