Environmental Health Studies Available Reports

Environmental Health Studies in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties CDC Grant R04/CCR421909. September 29, 2002 to September 29, 2004 Principal Investigator: Dr. K. Ranga Rao

Available Reports

Final Report to CDC [Executive Summary] (PDF)

Final Report to Institutional Review Board (IRB): Fish Consumption Survey (PDF)

Final Report to Institutional Review Board (IRB): Clinical Evaluations and Biomonitoring (PDF)

An Assessment of Potential Health Risks Posed by Shellfish Collected in Estuarine Waters near Pensacola, FL (PDF)

Lead Prevalence Assessment for Homes in Escambia County, FL (PDF)

Health Screening Profile of a community near the Escambia Wood Treatment Co. Superfund site in Pensacola, FL (PDF)