Clinical evaluation and biomonitoring of residents residing near the Escambia Wood Treating Company superfund site: Clarinda Triangle

PERCH Project: Environmental Health Studies in Northwest Florida CDC Grant R01 EH000096-1; August 17, 2005 to August 16, 2006 Principal Investigator: Dr. K. Ranga Rao

Task Leaders: Dr. John J. Lanza and Dr. Natalie Karouna-Renier

Recently, the U.S. EPA collected soil samples near the Escambia Wood Treating Company (ETC) Superfund site in a previously untested area called Clarinda Triangle, and found elevated levels of several contaminants of concern including dioxin and arsenic. Clarinda Triangle is bordered to the west by Pace Boulevard, to the east by Palafox Street, to the south by Clarinda Lane, and to the north by West Loretta Street. Residents in the Clarinda Triangle area have expressed concerns about their potential exposure to pollutants from the ETC site and about potential adverse effects on health. In this project, clinical evaluations and biomonitoring for contaminants of concern will be conducted for the residents of Clarinda Triangle area by the Escambia County Health Department. Biomonitoring will include analyses for dioxins in serum and arsenic in urine. In addition, blood samples will be collected for routine tests.

Physical/medical examinations and a thorough exposure history and health screening evaluation will also be conducted. The project will provide information to the Clarinda Triangle residents about the risks of their exposure to their present and future health. All testing and results will be made available free of charge to each volunteer.

Types of Volunteers Needed: Persons who currently reside in the Clarinda Triangle area.

Types of Samples: Blood and urine. Physical/medical examinations.

Sampling Area: Clarinda Triangle in Pensacola.

Point of Contact: Patricia Wilson, ARNP

Escambia County Health Department, 850-595-6402