Is this program for me?

Do you want to become a school or district administrator? Do you want to be a training program manager for the military or a large corporation? If so, Administrative Studies may be the right choice for you!

Administrative Studies Specialization

As every administrator knows, the byword of the 21st century is change. Newer and better technologies are constantly being developed. The political and economic environment are in constant flux. The goal of the Administrative Studies program is to provide students in administrative or leadership positions in public and/or private educational organizations with the advanced knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of educational administration and to empower them as managers and facilitators of change.

Professional Core

The 21 semester hours in the professional core required for an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction will provide you the foundational knowledge for managing the education and training of present and future workforce personnel. Included in the professional core is a course in statistics, a critical skill for data-based decision making. You will also study the psychological and philosophical foundations of education, examine critical issues in education, explore issues surrounding the integration of technology in education, and learn how to conduct educational research.

Education Administration Studies

In addition to the professional core, you will take 24 semester hours in Educational Administration courses. Your academic advisor will help you to develop an individualized course of instruction focusing on some combination of the following areas: (a) administrative and social politics, (b) personnel and organizational theory; (c) diversity and leadership skills, (d) financial management, (e) changes in the policies and laws governing educational settings, and (f) strategic planning.

Education Administration Program Objectives

  • Have a broad understanding of the critical issues related to educational administration in public and private school settings.
  • Hold a depth and breadth of knowledge in managing people in educational organizations.
  • Critically analyze situations and proceed appropriately regardless of the individuals (e.g. colleagues; elected officials) involved.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to provide leadership in the strategic planning process applied to specific or system-wide settings.
  • To apply research knowledge and skills in the resolution of administrative problems.
  • To become reflective practitioners who articulate and apply assumptions and theories to evolving problems and issues specific to educational administration.
  • To apply management assumptions and theories (e.g. financial; personnel) to decisions in educational settings.
  • To provide leadership in changing administrative systems in an educational organization.


The final step in achieving your doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an Administration Specialization involves planning, conducting, and documenting a research study focused on an administrative issue for your dissertation. The dissertation process is a major effort involving 18 semester hours, during which time you will work independently under the guidance of your dissertation committee.

How do I get started?

  1. Review the information regarding the Ed.D. program and the Administrative Studies specialization in the UWF catalog.
  2. Contact Dr. Nichols, the Administrative Studies Program Coordinator, to make an appointment to talk to an advisor.
  3. Submit an application to Graduate Admissions.
  4. Submit an application to the Ed.D. Program Office.