Pre-K Disabilities Endorsement

Endorsement for Pre-K Disabilities is provided through the Florida Department of Education (FDOE). There is no test available for this endorsement. The FDOE has produced a set of competencies required for the endorsement and the University has developed a series of four classes that address these competencies. Upon completion of the four classes individuals may apply to the FDOE for endorsement of an appropriate teaching certificate.

Pre-K Disabilities Endorsement Courses

PreK Disabilities Endorsement coursework may be applied to the Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed., or the Exceptional Student Education, M.A. Alternatively, PreK Disabilities Endorsement coursework may be completed in a non-degree status (visit the UWF Graduate Admissions page for more information on the non-degree application process).

All coursework is online.

  • EEX 6205 (3 sh) - Typical & Atypical Early Childhood Development - Provides participants with the knowledge of the stages and sequences of skill acquisition and the impact of disabilities and biomedical risk factors on learning and development. Covers normal child growth and development from conception to age five and what can go wrong at the different developmental stages; from genetic contributions through conception and pregnancy to birth and to five years of age. Discusses crucial times for deficiencies.
  • EEX 6707 (3 sh) - Assessment for Early Intervention for Pre-K Disabilities - Investigates assessment tools used in early intervention and early childhood special education. Explores the strategies and procedures used for screening, diagnoses and program planning.
  • EEX 6455 (3 sh) - Program Development for Young Children Special Education - Program development for handicapped and at-risk infants, toddlers and preschoolers; includes administration, supervision, curriculum development parent involvement, staff development, funding and evaluation.
  • EEX 6732 (3 sh) - Parent-Teacher Team and Agencies for Pre-School Handicapped and At-Risk Children - Parent-teacher team interaction for handicapped and at-risk infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers to age five. Agencies with services for birth to five years of age will be included.

For more information, contact the Department of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership Graduate Advising Office:

Chasity Manning
(850) 474-2870

Janice Royce
Program Specialist
(850) 474-3263