Acquisition and Contract Administration

The University of West Florida has the opportunity to provide the training envisioned by Congress and the Office of Management and Budget via the Online Campus with the Master of Science in Administration – Acquisition and Contract Administration specialization. Additional courses are anticipated as demand under the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act grows, both in DOD and civilian contractors.

The Federal Office of Management and Budget, in Policy Letter 05-01, indicates that, “The quality and effectiveness of the federal acquisition process depend on the development of a capable and competent workforce. Congress recognized the need for a professional workforce through the passage of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act… [and other Acts] which established education, training, and experience requirements for entry and advancement in the acquisition career fields for the Department of Defense (DOD) and civilian agencies respectively.”

Policy Letters have also been issued by the Office of Management and Budget that “established policies for skill-based training in contracting and purchasing duties for all executive agencies… [and]…established career management, education, and training requirements for contracting personnel in civilian executive agencies.” It is obvious that these federal regulations and policy rulings have great impact in the NorthWest Florida region due to the large military presence.

For more information on core and specialization requirements, please visit the Online UWF Catalog.

Download the Acquisition and Contract Administration Academic Learning Plan: MSA-Acquisition-Contract-Administration-ALP (PDF)

View the Acquisition and Contract Administration Curriculum Map: MSA-Acquisitions-and-Contract-Administration-CMGR (PDF)

Selected Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss statutory, regulatory and ethical restrictions applicable to government contracts and cite differences between them
  • Discuss how rules of law are made by the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of government and show how rules of each branch interact
  • Discuss conflicts of interest that arise in the procurement process including conflicts for a government employee, for a government contracting office, and for a contractor
  • Discuss the history of acquisition procedures and the changes made in the way the Government acquires goods and services
  • Explain differences in private standards for purchasing goods, and rules for Government contract formation and administration. Discuss the authority given to contracting officers, delegation of that authority, and the affect of such delegation
  • Explain limitations on the authority of contracting officers imposed by expressed authority or by judicially imposed limitations
  • Define equitable estoppel and how it can make the government liable for the unauthorized acts of its officers, employees, and agents
  • Explain how the actions of an unauthorized government agent can be lawfully ratified

Admissions Requirements

The Acquisition and Contract Administration Specialization requirements:

  • MAT, GRE or GMAT score no later than the end of the first semester
  • A letter of intent
  • Contact information for three professional references
  • For more specific graduate admissions requirements, visit the Graduate Admission Requirements page

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available from the UWF Online Catalog.

Prospective employment areas for graduates of the Acquisition and Contract Administration specialization include:

  • Contract Specialist
  • Contracting Officer
  • Industrial Property Specialist
  • Program Management Intern
  • Cost Analyst
  • Financial Management Analyst
  • Budget Analyst

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