Human Performance Technology (HPT)

When it comes to performance, putting all the pieces in place is critical. Human performance consultants analyze and recommend a wide range of solutions to performance problems in business and industry, the military, and education. If you seek the challenge of working with other professionals to improve organizational performance, the University of West Florida can help you meet your career goals.

Meeting organizational goals is the challenge...

Organizations recognize that a key to their success is their ability to set a mission and implement it in the most cost–effective means available. If a unit or individual within the organization is not operating at the level required to complete the mission, strategies for meeting the performance need must be identified.

Performance consultants are increasingly called upon to analyze and recommend solutions to human performance problems. They recommend a wide range of solutions, including training, changing employee incentive systems, redesigning the work environment, or implementing new technology.

Human Performance Technology (HPT) is implemented in many types of organizations, including commercial enterprises, governmental agencies, and the military. The trend towards HPT has occurred as organizations increasingly value development of human capital as a strategic necessity.

UWF has developed the HPT program in response to a broad–based need for trained HPT professionals who can partner with line managers seeking to achieve optimal employee performance required to meet organizational goals. The program aligns to performance standards and competencies developed by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).

As organizations transition to a focus on human performance improvement, professionals seek development opportunities that provide them with skills to keep them marketable. This program is specifically designed for professionals currently working in positions related to instructional design, instructional technology, human resource development and management, and related fields, who are being called upon to extend traditional instructional technology solutions to facilitate performance–based organizational systems. Managers of these functions also must be prepared to provide leadership in the move to HPT. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard are quickly moving to a series of professional classifications that focus on human performance; other organizations are expected to follow their lead in promoting issues related to HPT.

For information on the Master of Science in Administration HPT specialization at UWF, contact Linda Hendrieth at, 850-474-2036