HLES - Physical Education Teacher Education

Students interested in becoming a certified Physical Education teacher in grades K-12 will be able to do so by enrolling in the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Specialization.

This specialization prepares students to teach in public and private schools. Requirements for teacher education programs may change due to legislative mandates therefore, students should inquire with the Department of Health, Leisure, & Exercise Science to be made aware of any changes in requirements. Career opportunities for this specialization include: K-12 teacher, coach, or school administrator.

Three Highlights About the PE and PETE Specializations:

  1. We recently achieved FLDOE accreditation for the new Physical Education Teacher Education specialization. Students can obtain teaching certification in FL upon graduation and qualifies graduates to immediately teach in other states. We now have two tracks for students who have different needs; the PE specialization and PETE specialization.
  2. The Movement Academy offers pre-service teachers or PETE/PE students practical experiences teaching and observing K-12 physical education on the University of West Florida campus. The administrative team works with prospective teachers and set up positive experiences where students learn important lessons in teaching not found in most traditional practical experiences (i.e., lesson plan effectiveness, classroom management, and task presentation).
  3. Agreements with several school districts set up quality practical experiences in the schools surrounding UWF. Strong ties to the schools have helped our students see quality physical education in the schools, meet quality physical education teachers, make important contacts in the schools, and set up placements for student teaching.

For specific requirements about this specialization, please visit the UWF Catalog.

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Dr. Daniel Drost
Advisor, Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 474-2592
Office: Building 72, Room 257Email: ddrost@uwf.edu