Internship Placements for Criminal Justice Students

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
ACLU_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Century Correctional Institution
Century_Correctional_Agency_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Clerk’s Office, United States District Court, Northern District of Florida
ClerksOffice_USDC_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Department of Children and Families–Protective Investigations
DCF_PI_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Escambia County Community Corrections
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Escambia County Teen Court
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Families Count–Child Protection Team (Escambia)
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Florida Department of Corrections–Probation and Parole
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Florida Department of Financial Services/Fraud Division
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice–Probation and Community Intervention (Crestview and Escambia)
DJJ_Fact_Sheet (DOC) / DJJ_Brochure (DOC)

Florida Department of Law Enforcement
FDLE_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Florida_Fish_Wildlife_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Gulf Breeze Police Department
GBPD_Fact_Sheet (DOC) / GBPD_Brochure (DOC)

Gulf Coast Kid’s House
GCKH_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Medical Examiner’s Office
Medical_Examiners_Office_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Navy Exchange
Navy_Exchange_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Navy Federal Credit Union

Outward Bound
Outward_Bound_Agency_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

PACE Center for Girls

Pathways for Change
Pathways_For_Change_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Pensacola Boys Base
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Pensacola Police Department–Crime Scene
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Polly Klaas/Klaas Kids Foundation
Klaas_Kids_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Public Defender’s Office
Public_Defender_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Santa Rosa Correctional Institution
Fact Sheet coming soon!

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office
Santa_Rosa_Sheriffs_Office_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

Top of the Bottom Outreach Ministry
Top_of_the_Bottom_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

US Marshals
USMS_Agency_Fact_Sheet (DOC) / USMS_Agency_Student_Intern_Objectives (DOC)

US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)
US_NCIS_Fact_Sheet (DOC)

US Probation Office
US_Probation_Office_Fact_Sheet (DOC)