Engineering Technology

The University of West Florida offers a B.S. in Engineering Technology through the Department of Applied Science, Technology and Administration. The degree is available with two specializations: Building Construction and Information Engineering Technology.

The B.S. in Engineering Technology prepares graduates for a variety of engineering associated positions with industry.

Building Construction Specialization

The Building Construction specialization examines construction of all types and prepares the student for career roles such as project manager and estimator. The program teaches methodologies for managing cost control and processes through courses in contracting, scheduling, and business management. A combination of all coursework applies to any graduate who desires to sit for the residential or general contractor’s exam.

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Information Engineering Technology Specialization

The Information Engineering Technology specialization prepares individuals to assume roles in network, telecommunications, and instructional systems support in a wide variety of organizations, including those with main missions in training, education, and distance learning. These roles include design, development, implementation, maintenance, and adaptation of technologies to meet the organizational goals. The program is designed for delivery at a distance and exploits technology to offer learners opportunity to pursue the degree even when regular attendance is problematic or relocation is necessary.

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