Interdisciplinary Information Technology: Networking and Telecommunications

Is this program for me?

This program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the design, implementation, and maintenance of network and telecommunications systems for training and education organizations.


What will I learn?

The interdisciplinary program includes a core foundation in the skills most commonly needed in an Information Technology career (information technology application, business and management techniques, writing skills, database systems, programming, and networking principles).

Students take courses specific to networking and telecommunications, as well as courses in one of two focus areas: Computer Web Development Technologies or Business and Communications.

See the UWF Catalog Course Description

Download the IIT N&T Academic Learning Compact: Information-Technology-Networking-and-Telecommunication-Technologies-ALC

download the IIT N&T Curriculum Map: Information-Technology-Networking-and-Telecommunications-Operations-(CMUG)


Is an internship Required?

The capstone experience for the program is an internship in technology systems operations to provide practical experience in applying technological skills in a real–world setting. All learners in the program must complete the capstone experience in their last or next–to–last semester of their program. Visit the IT Internships page.

 Why choose UWF?

Our IIT Networking and Telecommunications program provides an alternative path to the short term, time-sensitive, narrowly focused, application-specific technical skills training provided by commercial training concerns or community colleges. Our course of study is also highly technical; however, it is longer and has a broader scope so that students enter the workforce with a combination of multiple, marketable, skills. Additional emphasis is placed on developing strategies for the application of the technologies in innovative ways. Special attention is also devoted to development of the planning and organizational skills required to implement and evolve complex systems as well as maintain them.


How do I get started?

 There are three easy steps to get started:

  1. Review the Information Technology, Interdisciplinary Degree Plan (PDF, subject to change), with a Networking and Telecommunications Specialization.
  2. Call the department (850-474-2300) and make an appointment to talk to an advisor.
  3. Complete an online application.