Workforce and Adult Education Certificates

Do you have expertise in your vocation and want to teach? Are you currently teaching in Workforce and Adult Education content areas—for example, welding, plumbing, mechanics, or cosmetology—and need certification?

Program Description

The State of Florida now requires all individuals who teach in Workforce and Adult Education settings to complete courses designed to enhance their skills in developing teaching and learning strategies for the CTE classroom. UWF's certification is designed to help individuals like you gain critical teaching skills and receive permanent teaching credentials.

Choose four of eight courses for the basic CTE certificate program. All courses are online—you can complete the certificate requirements in your timeframe and on your schedule.

See the UWF Online Catalog course descriptions


The Workforce and Adult Education certificate will give you the instructional skills you need to share your vocational expertise with learners in alternative education settings, such as technical schools and correctional facilities.
Among other skills, you will learn how to construct an effective course, apply strategies for teaching and learning, and modify your instruction for special-needs students.

You can complete the certificate in just two semesters. You can also incorporate the certificate into an undergraduate degree program, in which you will take related courses for additional education and training.

Additional Endorsements

Two additional Workforce and Program Development endorsements are also available:

  • The Workforce Director (previously, Vocational Director) endorsement requires ECT 5266 - Administration & Supervision; ECT 5295 - Curriculum & Staff Development; ECW 6695 - School & Community Relations.
  • The Workforce Education (previously, Cooperative Education) endorsement requires only ECW 6561 - Selection and Guidance; ECW 5265 - Coordination of CTE Cooperative Programs

For more information, please contact:

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University of West Florida
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