T-1 Cockpit
Cadets got to climb inside the T-1 trainer jet cockpit

NAS Pensacola Visit

NAS Pensacola Visit: Det 014 took a field trip to NAS Pensacola to check out the new Combat Systems Officer (CSO also known as Navigator) training.

T-1 Sim
Cadets fly a T-1 flight simulator
T-1 Sim 2
Cadets in the T-1 flight simulator
Cadets look at a T-6 trainer
Wild Blue, the Air Force Pelican

AFROTC Flag Football players
Some of the players.

AF vs army ROTC flag football

The 1st AF vs Army flag football game. Cadets were able to test their fitness and teamwork in this classic rivalry.

AFROTC Flag Football players 2
More of the players.
Flag Football huddle
In the huddle
Flag Football action 1
The team in action
Flag Football action 2
More action on the field

AFROTC Blood Drive
Preparing to donate

Air Force ROTC and the Blood Drive

Cadets exemplifying the Air Force Core Value of service before self by participating in local charity events such as blood drives.

AFROTC Bood Drive 1
Air Force ROTC and the Blood Drive 3
Air Force ROTC and the Blood Drive 4

AFROTC Contracting 1
Swearing in

Air Force contracting ceremony

Upon completion of field training (beginning of Junior year) every cadet commits to serving in the Air force as an active duty officer. 

AFROTC Contracting 2
AFROTC Contracting 4
AFROTC Contracting 4
Celebrating the day