Academic Suspension and Reinstatement

Students who are unable to meet the conditions of their probations are subject to suspension from the University. Normally, students are not placed on academic suspension without first being placed on probation for at least one semester.

Notification of Suspension

Students will be formally notified by letter from the Dean of the College that they have been suspended. Students who check ARGUS will find it at the top of the "Unofficial Transcript" page or on their "Grade Report;" Suspension is included on all official transcripts.

A.A. Degree Forgiveness Policy

Students suspended from UWF who subsequently receive an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida public college or state university may be readmitted to UWF upon application for readmission, with earned credit accepted in accordance with University's policies. See the catalog section on A.A. Degree Forgiveness Policy.

Courses Taken at Other Institutions

While students may take courses at other institutions, the grades earned will have no affect on the student's cumulative GPA. However, they may be included in the request for reinstatement as supporting information.


Students initially placed on academic suspension may request reinstatement after being away from the University for at least one semester. Students who have been previously suspended two times may request reinstatement after being away from the University for three semesters. Students who have been suspended three times will not normally be reinstated.  Please visit the Reinstatement Guide for reinstatement procedures and deadlines.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree students are subject to the same academic standards and review procedures as students admitted to undergraduate degree programs. See the probation and suspension policies, based on the level of the courses being taken.