Highlights in Faculty Research

Dr. Ludmila Cosio Lima is planning to pursue a federal grant that focuses on how physical fitness can affect the impact of injuries on soldiers in places such as Afghanistan where they face intense heat and humidity.

Dr. John Smykla, Professor of Criminal Justice, was recently named a UWF Distinguished Professor based on his long record of distinguished teaching and scholarship, including the recent publication of the 5th Edition of his corrections textbook called Corrections in the 21st Century with Frank Schmalleger. 

Restorative Justice in a Prison Community by Dr. Cheryl Swanson, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies,was published in July 2010 by Lexington Books and will soon be available in paperback and distributed in larger markets. Dr. Swanson's research and book focuses on the philosophy of restorative justice, which aims to develop ways we can manage our prisons differently to achieve more positive outcomes. She uses the writings and reflections of inmates participating in a restorative justice program to demonstrate the challenges and transformative possibilities of this alternative approach to rehabilitation.

Dr. Karen Rasmussen's book Web-Based Learning: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation is an easy-to-read, practical book on web based learning that clearly instructs readers how to design effective web courses, create a community of web-based learners, and implement and evaluate web-based instruction.

Learning Objects for Instruction: Design and Evaluation by Dr. Pam Northrup shows how practical models of learning objects solutions are being applied in education, organizations, industry, and the military. It includes diverse strategies used across these groups to apply learning objects -- from the use of firmly-grounded theoretical contexts to practical tool-based solutions.