Engineering Technology Applications in Aviation FAQs

What topics are covered during this course?

  • Forces of Flight
  • Boyle's Law
  • Principles of Radar
  • Thrust-to-Weight Ratios and vectored thrust
  • Dynamic fuel consumption management
  • Ratios for map scaling and distance measurement
  • Angle addition and subtraction for navigation
  • Using a protractor to calculate direction headings on a map
  • Applying rate calculations to coordinate resources
  • Effects of industrial chemicals in aquatic environments

What do students do in the course to earn college credit?
They do the following to earn college credit:

  • Successfully complete all of the mission planning and execution activities.
  • Pass all of the objective assessments with a score of 70% or better, including additional assessments they complete during dedicated supplementary class sessions for the for-credit students.
  • Produce a technology project over the course of the program as a graded assignment.

What kind of college credit can I earn?
You can earn one semester hour of undergraduate credit.

Can this credit be applied toward a community college degree or is it limited to a university?
There is no inherent limitation on what educational institution will accept this course's credit and apply it toward a degree program. However, that decision is up to the particular institution.

Can I apply this college credit at a non-Florida college?
That decision is solely up to the college. However, successful completion of this course will certainly strengthen your application to that college.

How much more does this course cost in addition to what I am paying to attend the National Flight Academy?
The additional cost of this course is $203.98.

How do I pay for the course?
Payment is collected as part of the payment process to the National Flight Academy.

Are any scholarships or discounts available for this course?

Does my fee to attend the National Flight Academy include this credit course?
During registration for a National Flight Academy program week offering this course, you should select “Yes, my child would like to participate in your college credit option”. This course will then be placed in your cart, and should be paid for during checkout. Please note, you must also complete the application available through the UWF portal no later than two weeks prior to the start of your program to finalize this selection.

When is the tuition due for this credit course?
In accordance with the University's policy for credit courses, tuition payment is due by the first day of the course.

What is the refund policy if I decide to drop the course after registering for it?
The course drop and refund policy for this course is the same as that for any other credit course offered by the University of West Florida. In general, you may drop the course any time up to the day it starts and receive a full refund. If you drop the course after that date, the regular University policy is used to determine whether you receive a partial or no refund.

Is the University of West Florida accredited?
Yes. The University of West Florida is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Who can take this course?
Any student entering their junior or senior year in high school (or the equivalent if they are being home-schooled) may take this course while they are attending the National Flight Academy Ambition program.

Can I take the course after I have attended the National Flight Academy?
No. If you take it, you must do so while you are attending the National Flight Academy Ambition program.

When do I have to apply to take the course?
The application deadline is three weeks before the start date of the course you want to take.

Is there a separate application fee?
No. Since you will be applying to the University as a non-degree seeking student there is no application fee.‚Äč

Where is the course located?
The course is held at the National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida.

Immunization requirements: Am I required to follow the UWF policy for immunization?
Yes. As a prerequisite to registration, all students must satisfy the University's immunization requirements for face-to-face courses.

  • UWF Immunization Policy
  • Measels/mumps/rubella (MMR) immunization: Documentation is REQUIRED unless a medical or religious signed‌ letter is submitted.
  • Hepatitis-meningitis immunization: Either documentation of immunization or a SHS - MIHH Form request can be submitted.
  • For students under the age of 18 years, waivers must be signed by the student's parent or guardian.
  • Immunization documentation and waiver forms may be emailed to or faxed to the UWF Health Center at 850-857-6100

All students will have a financial responsibility hold each semester:

  • Log into your student account ( You should have an "Agree to Pay" message via MyMessages in MyUWF
  • Go to MyMessages in MyUWF and read the "Agree to Pay" message
  • Check the Confirm Acknowledgement box and click "I Agree"

Who has access to my grade in the course?
UWF protects the privacy of student education records in accordance with federal law, specifically the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). UWF only discloses information about students to persons they list on a  which is available to you at check-in.

Once I have finished the course, how do I obtain an official transcript?
Official transcripts may be ordered via the web, by telephone, by mail, or in person. The University does not accept facsimile requests for transcripts. Official transcripts cost $10 per copy. If you order by phone, you will reach an operator who will process your transcript request. There is a $10 surcharge (in addition to the $10 per copy transcript fee) for placing your request through an operator, unless you are in the middle of a web site request and are calling for technical assistance. Current and former students may access and Unofficial Transcript at no charge through the MyUWF web portal.