On-Going Projects

UWF Student Mentoring and Mock Interviewing - Various topics chosen by ASP members are available for request by UWF students. This was done two years in a row through career services.

UWF Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) - Brigadier General Robert Kennedy originally wrote the Continuity of Operations Plan for the University of West Florida. After the Virginia Tech incident, General Kennedy and Ed Sarrat updated the COOP and blended it with the University’s Emergency Plan.

UWF at a Glance Brochure - ASP member Gordon Eade suggested a “fact book” be developed about UWF that could be easily handed out that included various facts about the UWF. Working with Peter Metarko, the brochure developed was just perfect for handing out to people and leaving behind in hotels, restaurants, etc.

Junior Achievement - Frances Yeo, director of Junior Achievement, wanted help with junior achievement goals at the new West Florida Technical High School and to teach JA classes in local schools.  A number of ASP members went into various schools in Escambia and Santa Rosa County and taught JA classes. Bob Peyroux chaired.

Gulf Breeze Chamber of Commerce Small Business Mentoring - Expertise is given to small businesses in the Gulf Breeze area.  Three ASP members met with small GB businesses and offered suggestions to help the business to grow.  Bob Peyroux chaired this group.

Argonaut Sporting Events - Developing ways to encourage more community involvement in UWF athletic sports events.

Azalea Trace Residents - Presentation to new Azalea Trace residents expounding on UWF opportunities and activities that AT residents might find interesting.

Projects On Hold

UWF Facilities Division Review (Continuous Quality Improvement) – Vice President of Administrative Affairs trained ASP members to develop a team concept to review and assist the departments to increase their efficiency. After the training was held, the Vice President’s position had an employee change and the project was put on hold. Jim Donovan was the project leader.

Math and Science Grant Proposal – College of Professional Studies and ASP members put together an NIH grant to support superior students in math and science by developing media by experts in various areas. The grant was denied by NIH because there was not enough diversity built into the grant. This project may be readdressed. Bob Kennedy led this project.

Voyages Leadership Program – Mentoring provided in various areas of expertise for 6 hours per semester, help students learn to give a presentation, work with survey of community on community’s perception of UWF, and help with leadership development. Gordon Eade chaired this endeavor. The program has been moved to another area of campus – we await the new plan.

Completed Projects

Resume Building/Marketing Club – Numerous ASP members attended the marketing clubs resume event and met with various students. During a two hour period, ASP members reviewed the student’s resume and discussed issues the student chose to talk about.

Review of UWF Policies and Procedures – Dr. Morris Marx requested review of all the Universities policies and procedures. This was accomplished and recommendations were made to Dr. Marx. Jack Dunn was project leader and approximately 10 members participated.

West Florida Technical High School – Mock job interviews were given to approximately 100 students. Each student was then critiqued on his/her response, Bob Peyroux headed up this project.

Lifeline Transportation Pilot Program for the American Cancer Society – ASP members analyzed and identified cancer treatment areas and public and private transportation entities. From this start – the Lifeline transportation program is now throughout the state of Florida. The pilot program created here was used as the benchmark.

Pensacola Promise Safety Guide for Seniors – Prepared by Workman’s 6th grade students and analyzed by ASP members. The project is specifically for 6th grade students to work with senior citizens while they prepare the “hurricane preparedness service learning project.” Gordon Eade headed this project.

UWF Student Personnel Master's Program Advisees – UWF web-site was reviewed and only one small area was felt to be substandard. This area dealt with security.

Leisure Learning Society Marketing Plan – Help publicize the program and its activities. Bob Williamson headed the effort.

Learn To Read – A non-profit agency dedicated to literacy, requested a volunteer from ASP to be the treasurer of the agency. Bob Peyroux has taken the position.

UWF Office of Development – Help with a business plan for the maritime park. Tom Jacobi volunteered for the task.