Security+ for UWF IT Students

Microsoft Security+ Certification Scholarship Application Form

Why is this class relevant to my career?

The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts that computer security and related computer-support specialties will be among the fastest-growing occupations through 2018. CompTIA's Security+ certificate is widely regarded as a baseline credential for employment in this field. Getting that certificate requires passing CompTIA's challenging exam.

What can I expect and what are the costs?

The program is offered tuition-free for qualified degree-seeking students at UWF. Security+ provides labs and lectures geared toward helping you pass the vendor exam so you can leave UWF with your Security+ certificate in hand. The course includes access to practice test software and one voucher to take the exam (a required component of the program). The only out of pocket cost is the textbook….
CompTIA Security+ Study Guide Authorized Courseware: Exam SY-301 (Edition 5) - ISBN-13: 978-1118014738 by Emmett Dulaney

Who can apply to participate?

Degree-seeking students in Computer Science and Management Information Systems at UWF are welcome to apply. We have a limited number of seats available. Priority will be given to those students nearing graduation.

Where and when will classes meet?

Class convenes in building 4, room 349.
Class meets every Tuesday and Thursday between 5:00-9:00.
Attendance is mandatory.
Courses start on 12 June 2014 ending 17 July 2014.
Testing begins the following day, 18 July 2014. Copies of vendor certificates must be submitted to UWF IT Academy by 7 Aug 2014.
Grades posted 8 Aug 2014.

How do I get in the class?

The first step in the application process is to let us know you are seeking admission to Security + by completing this scholarship application form.

Course Schedule and Topics Covered:

12 Jun 5-9 PM - Organizational Security, Risk Mitigation, Security Awareness Training
17 Jun 5-9 PM - Incident Response, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery
19 Jun 5-9 PM - Cryptography, PKI

24 Jun 5-9 PM - Access Control, Identity Management
26 Jun 5-9 PM - Authentication
01 Jul 5-9 PM - Network Security
03 Jul 5-9 PM - Secure Network Administration

08 Jul 5-9 PM - Securing Wireless Networks
10 Jul 5-9 PM - Security Monitoring
15 Jul 5-9 PM - Vulnerability Assessments - schedule CompTIA test
17 Jul 5-9 PM - UWF Test

18 Jul - CompTIA testing underway
24 Jul - Students report CompTIA Security certificate number to IT Academy
25 Jul - Transcender study continues for those who do not successfully pass initial test
07 Aug - Students provide CompTIA certificate number to IT Academy
08 Aug - Grades posted

Microsoft Security+ Certification Scholarship Application