Current Students

Have you recently been accepted or enrolled in this year's cohort? Find out more about Enrollment, Student Expectations, and Internships. Link to GIS data sources, news, and get connected with the GIS Community.

Current students will find guidance on enrollment procedures and a mixture of program and GIS resources throughout the cohort. Utilize the resources here to enhance your GIS experience.


All Online GIS Certificate Program students are enrolled by our staff during open enrollment before a new semester begins.

Online GIS courses are permission coded, which means that only those with permission may enroll in our courses. Use this checklist to prepare for enrollment:

  1. Current Course Offerings 2012 Cohort: Plan your year and know your options
  2. Complete the UWF Online GIS electronic registration form: This form is emailed to current students before a new semester begins. Our staff will use this form to enroll you in courses.
  3. Check your course schedule for accuracy at and make tuition payment before the scheduled deadline

If current students have questions about enrollment, please email Sharon Cobband be sure to include your UWF Student ID number.


Students "go to class" on their own time to view lectures and complete weekly assignments through UWF eLearning. All of our courses are instructor-led with various means of communication and interaction.

Students are expected to:

  1. Spend approximately 8-15 hours per week on course materials and assignments. Former students have reported spending as many as 20 hours per week on assignments.
  2. Students should have basic computer skills prior to enrollment. Those who are comfortable navigating the internet and exploring new software will do well in our courses.
  3. We expect students to participate in class on a weekly basis, to meet assignment deadlines and to communicate any concerns regarding the course with instructors.

All students are required to enroll in the GIS Internship course and complete a GIS internship.

GIS Internship is considered a supervised application of Geographic Information Science (GIS) in business, government, non-profit, educational or other related fields. The course monitors students as they progress in their GIS Internship and encourages reading and research that may aid their GIS career development. Offered concurrently with the undergraduate section, graduate students will be assigned additional work.

GIS Internship course will follow the 10 industries outlined by ESRI.

All students enrolled in this course will be divided into 2 groups depending on their internship status:

Internship Group 1: Students pursuing a GIS internship or currently working in a GIS related job must complete 130 work hours, provide instructors with company name, supervisor contact information and description of work. Evaluation forms must be completed by the supervisor and student at the end of the semester as proof of work.

Take a look at Past Student Internship Locations.

Internship Alternative Group 2: Students without an internship will complete 130 hours of virtual GIS training and provide proof of completed certificates. During the summer semester, students will inform the instructor of their internship option intentions. Students may also choose to get a head start on course completion.