Blogs are an important part of the GIS online educational experience.

Student Blogs

Student Blogs are just one way GIS Online supports a strongly student-centered learning environment. We encourage peer-to-peer interactions in as many ways as possible. These interactions promote learning, professional networking and portfolio building. We require that all of our students create and maintain a student blog for the duration of their certificate courses.

Some students' maps have been linked by other professional bloggers and websites. One student's map was recently published in a textbook! We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the blog to our students and program as a whole.

Program Blog

Visit our Program Blog to see up-to-date examples of the course work that our students are completing. These maps are top-notch!


"With minimal additional effort, the blog itself can be put into a PowerPoint slideshow, which can immediately catch attention from supervisor, colleagues, newbies, and any other interested party, and potential future employers." 

-- Kong Lei, Alumni 2011