Drawing and Painting

July 23, 2018

Camp Description

Explore the basics of drawing and painting in order to strengthen your skills in this two week-long “art skill starter kit” camp. Increase your confidence for your next creative project! The first week begins with mark-making, and works through observational and perspective drawing using a variety of drawing mediums. Week two builds on week one with color mixing and color theory to help you then create your first still life and self-portrait painting by the end of this two week camp.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a handmade sketchbook
  • Learn expressive mark-making, creating the illusion of 3D forms, perspective drawing, and drawing from observation
  • Mix the rainbow from just 3 colors
  • Control paint with a paintbrush
  • Create a self-portrait through the use of drawing and painting

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July 23 - August 3
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
UWF Main Campus $330
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Sarah and Andrew Wilson

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