Arabic Language and Culture Certificate

This innovative certificate in Arabic language and Culture is designed for beginning students to develop language and culture skills though listening, speaking, reading and writing, and emphasizes cultural understanding of the Arab world.

The certificate consists of three courses in Arabic Language and Culture - each course is 4 semester hours. The first course starts at the introductory level, there is no prerequisite knowledge of Arabic Language or Culture required - and offers a mix of culture with basic language component development through drill and practice and interaction with the instructor using web collaboration software. The second and third courses are also tied to culture and sometimes include other Arabic language software to assist students in sentence structure and conversational Arabic development.

The Arabic Language and Culture program provides the opportunity to gain an excellent grasp of the Arabic Language and Culture. The program is designed so participants will learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet, to speak words and phrases, and to enter into conversations. While this program is not designed to reach the fluency level of the Arabic language, students will develop the language skills necessary to communicate with Arab speaking people throughout the world. Each course is 1 full semester in length - completing the certificate will take a minimum of 3 consecutive semesters. This Program is fully online and regular internet connectivity is required.

Important Note: Courses in this program require several "synchronous" class interactions to practice the language and receive feedback. This means students enrolling in these courses are required to attend live lectures on specific dates and times via the university's free video conferencing service.

Course # Arabic Language and Culture Certificate Semester hours
ARA 1120C Beginning Arabic Language and Culture I 4
ARA 1121C Beginning Arabic Language and Culture II 4
ARA 2200C Intermediate Arabic Language and Culture I 4


*Successful completion of the first two courses (ARA 1120C - Beginning Arabic and Language Culture I and ARA 1121C - Beginning Arabic and Language Culture II) satisfies Florida's Foreign Language requirements for degree program completion.


Arabic Language and Culture Certificate: The courses that comprise the Arabic Language and Culture certificate are $875.92 PER 4 CREDIT HOUR COURSE which includes the online campus fee.

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