TeacherReady Professional Teacher Certification

Enter a K-12 classroom equipped for success and ready to make a difference in the lives of students. The demand for professionally certified teachers is steadily increasing as the teacher shortage across the nation grows. Make your education twice as powerful with TeacherReady®.

TeacherReady® Professional Teacher Certification

TeacherReady® is a graduate-level, online, alternative teacher preparation program. We have helped over 2,000 teachers achieve certification in more than 30 subject areas, across the nation and internationally. The program incorporates online coursework, in-classroom fieldwork, and the three Florida State Certification Exams to prepare you for a successful teaching career.

Why TeacherReady®?

  • Continuous Enrollment lets you get started as soon as you are ready.
  • Online learning and field work in your community so you can complete your certification.
  • Self-paced course completion allows for an accelerated path to certification.
  • Exceptional curriculum designed by high-performing teachers to teach you practical concepts that increase student achievement.

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“I feel tremendously grateful to everyone at TeacherReady®. I am so happy with the very relevant and practical lessons taught to me. This is a wonderful program!” — Jason Matthew Beasley, TeacherReady Alumni Member

“I am so impressed with this program! It has exceeded all of my expectations in every way. Not only that, I have been wonderfully inspired by the textbooks, tasks, and TeacherReady®'s attentive manner, and I hope to incorporate all of these things into my classroom!” — Nina Hall, TeacherReady Alumni Member

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Employment of teachers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Overall growth is expected to be impacted by larger class sizes and enrollment rate. Employment growth will vary by region.

Job Stats
Job Outlook: 8% (As fast as average)
Number of jobs, 2016: 1,565,300 (Kindergarten & Elementary School)
630,300 (Middle School)
1,018,700 (High School)
Median pay (May 2017): $56,900 per year (Kindergarten & Elementary School)
$57,720 per year (Middle School)
$59,170 per year (High School)
Source: June 1, 2018