Study Resources and Recommended Reading

The following study resources and books are recommended by the Center for Behavior Analysis for all students in our program. Some of these are required for coursework (please see your syllabus) and others will be helpful with exam prep or personal enrichment in the field. If you know of a great book that is not on this list, please share by emailing the Center for Behavior Analysis at UWF!

Exam Prep

Behavior Development Solutions CBA Module Learning Series

Pass the Big ABA Exam - UWF students are eligible for a discount on the Pass the Big ABA Exam study manual.  Contact our office for the code.  

Recommended Reading

Ariely, D. (2010). Predictably irrational, revised and expanded edition: The hidden forces that shape our decisions.  ISBN-10: 9780061353246

Bailey, J.S. & Burch, M. (2011). Ethics for behavior analysts. ISBN-10: 0415880300

Carnegie, D. (1998). How to win friends and influence people.  ISBN-10: 0671027034

Cooper, J.O., Heron, T.E., & Heward, W.L. (2007). Applied behavior analysis (2nd ed.). ISBN-10: 0131421131

Daniels, A.C. (2007). Other people’s habits. ISBN-10: 0937100145

Daniels, A.C. & Bailey, J.S. (2014). Performance management: Changing behavior that drives organizational performance. ISBN-10: 0937100250

Mayer, G.R., Sulzer-Azaroff, & Wallace, M. (2013). Behavior analysis for lasting change. ISBN-10: 1597380504

Kazdin, A.E. (2010). Single-case research designs: Methods for clinical and applied settings. ISBN-10: 0195341880

Johnston, J.M & Pennypacker, H.S. (2008). Strategies and tactics of behavioral research. ISBN-10: 0805858822

Johnston, J.M. (2013). Radical behaviorism for ABA Practitioners. ISBN-10: 1597380431

Kennedy, C.  (2004). Single-case designs for educational research. ISBN-10: 0205340237

Loovas, O.I. (2002). Teaching individuals with developmental delays: Basic intervention techniques.  ISBN-10: 0890798893

Pennypacker, H.S. (2003). Handbook of the standard celebration chart. ISBN-10: 1881317137

Risley, T.R. & Hart, B. (1995). Meaningful differences in everyday experience of young American Children.  ISBN-10: 1557661979

Skinner, B.F. (1965). Science and human behavior. ISBN-10: 0029290406

Skinner, B.F. (1991). The behavior of organisms. ISBN-10: 087411487X

Skinner, B.F. (1991). Verbal behavior. ISBN-10: 0874115914

Skinner, B.F. (2005). Walden two. ISBN-10: 0872207781

Sidman, M. (1988). Tactics of scientific research: Evaluating experimental data in psychology. ISBN-10: 0962331104

Sundberg, M.L. & Partington, J.W. (2010) Teaching language to children with autism or other developmental disabilities. ISBN-10: 0981835651