Graduate Degree Seeking BCBA Online Course Sequence

Students who need a Masters degree may enroll in our online Masters in Exceptional Student Education program at UWF which includes all BACB-verified courses required for BCBA certification.

Course No.DescriptionCredits
EDF 6225 Foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis 3
EDF 6226 Behavior Assessments, Interventions, and Outcomes 3
EDF 6223 Positive Behavior Supports and Systems 3
EDF 6437 Measurement in Single Case Design 3
EDF 6944 Advanced Single Case Design 3
EDF 6557 Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis 3


Elective Course No.Elective DescriptionCredits
EDF 6222 Concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis 3
EDF 6227* Experimental Analysis in Behavior 3

* EDF 6227 may be taken as a substitute for EDF 7944

Inclusive Online Masters Degree Option

Financial Aid for Degree-Seeking Students

Contact The UWF Financial Aid Office to apply.

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Note: Visit UWF's State Authorization page to review which states have placed restrictions on out of state online graduate degree programs.

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