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How was the Common Read Selected?

Every year, a committee comprised of UWF professors, students, librarians, staff and administrators participates in selecting the upcoming Common Read book. Book nominations are solicited both formally and informally, and, once a list of potential choices has been generated, the committee winnows those choices through a democratic process of discussion. The final selection is chosen by committee vote.

What are the goals of the program?

The Common Read Program has four main goals:

  • Engage entering and currently enrolled students in a university-wide intellectual and cross-discipline program.
  • Model for students the types of critical thinking and nuanced investigation and interpretation that will be central to their success at UWF.
  • Increase the regional visibility and community connections of programs.
  • Enrich the experiences of faculty and staff through a common investment and crosspollination of faculty and staff resources and expertise.


What groups are participating in the Common Read?

Individual College of Arts and Sciences Departments
Advising/Academic Foundations Seminar/Delphi Program
Composition Program
UWF Book Club
High School Articulation Conference
New Student Orientation


How do I get a copy of the book?

Students participating in New Student Orientation will receive a copy of the book. Campus members may also purchase a copy of the book through the university bookstore or online.

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