Jeanette Plodek


Dr. Jeanette Plodek, assistant professor, teaches holistic health, integrative therapies, nursing leadership and management, and community health nursing.

Plodek is an integrative nurse who combines traditional and emerging interventions that address a person's overall well-being, including body, mind, spirit and environment. During her 14 years of nursing practice, she has worked in diverse environments that include private practice, a community-based health clinic, and health centers. 

Her research interests primarily focus on integrative therapies, such as Reiki (Japanese method of therapeutic touch), Isabell Gatto Method acupressure, hypnosis and clinical aromatherapy. She has been co-and principal investigator on several research studies. While practicing in a community-based clinic in Saudi Arabia, she conducted an ethnographic study comparing the healing practices of the Bedouins in Saudi Arabia with a Navajo healing tradition, known as the Blessing Way. She has also examined the effectiveness of hypnobirthing as an alternative method for decreasing labor pain.

In addition to conducting research, she has designed nursing courses on integrative therapies. She has completed courses at UWF in Quality Matters certification and is in the process of submitting her online courses for certification. Before coming to UWF in 2015, she was an instructor at Excelsior College in Albany, New York, and a faculty member at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. While she was an adjunct instructor at the University of New England, she taught a bachelor of nursing completion program for nurses in Israel.

She received a bachelor's degree in nursing from Florida Atlantic University, master's in clinical specialist in holistic nursing from College of New Rochelle, and doctorate in human science with a concentration in integrative health studies from Saybrook University.