Alumni Spotlights

Notable Alumni from our CLS program

A number of UWF graduates

We are very proud of all of our graduates. Many of our alumni are working in hospital laboratories in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Gainesville, and Panama City, to name a few Florida cities. Our program goes beyond the state borders, too, with alumni working in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Hawaii and Alaska.

Some of our grads are in unusual places...

Kat Gavrylchenko, class of 2009, works at AVEE Laboratories in Clearwater. AVEE specializes in therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology.

Mark DeLuna, class of 2010, Shands Hospital at UWF, core lab.

Allen Muriera, class of 2011, is employed at Neogenomics Inc. This is a cancer research lab in Ft. Meyers, Fl.

Susan Fellows, class of 2011, loves working for Florida Blood Services in St. Pete Beach, Fl.

Anna Jernigan, class of 2009

Anna Jernigan, class of 2009, is a Pharm D candidate at Auburn University. She tells us The CLS program not only gave her strong knowledge background, but it also helped her to develop great patient skills.  She recommends CLS as the pre-professional track to Pharmacy school.
Liz Steadman, class of 2012, just joined her there.

Katie Herbermann, class of 2006, completed her training as an Anesthesiologist Assistant (PA) at Emory University in Atlanta. She is an anesthetist working for Henry Anesthesia.

Jorge Salgado DO, MPH, LT, MC, USN

Jorge Salgado DO, MPH, LT, MC, USN, now a family medicine resident at Naval Hospital in Jacksonville. Jorge chose CLS as his undergraduate degree. He explains it like this “My intention was to apply to medical school and to have a back up plan just in case I did not get accepted on my first application. However, the degree proved more valuable than I expected. I was accepted at various medical schools. During my first year of med school the degree gave me the tools to succeed. For example, I was able to tutor medical students through medical microbiology, which was one of the most challenging classes in medical school. I was also able to work in a lab on weekends. I highly recommend this program to any student who is interested in playing a role in patient care (MD, DO, or PA), medical research or public health.

Diana Morton

Diana Morton, MLS, CHT (ASCP) class of 2008 is a Certified Histocompatibility Technologist. Diana works at the Dialysis Center, Inc. Transplant and Immunology Laboratory in Nashville, TN. She explains her role: "At DCI we perform a multitude of tests that allow us to find suitable donors for organ and bone marrow recipients. We DNA type the recipient and potential donor, and use several serological tests to detect HLA antibodies present in the recipient that would destroy the donated organ".

Marites Soriano, MSM, MT(ASCP) class of 2003 – Sacred Heart Health Systems, Pensacola, Fl. Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Supervisor.