MLT to MLS Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept transfer credits from other universities?


      • Yes! Prerequisites such as Biology, General & Organic Chemistry, A&P and Microbiology are typical transfers.
      • If you don’t have an AA degree, you will have to complete UWF’s general studies requirements. Most general studies courses transfer from other institutions, such as General Psychology, English Composition, and Philosophy.
      • We will look at your transcript and tell you what else you need.


2. How much will the program cost?





3. How long is the actual program?


      • For MLT to MLS students who have completed all lower division prerequisites, the program will take 4 semesters to complete the upper division 48 credits. At the current rate, this is approximately $2532 per semester, plus books and other expenses.


4. Are all of the courses on line?


      • The upper division courses are online. Lower division prerequisites and general studies courses can be taken at a local college.


5. Will you accept my military training for college credit?


      • If you are an MLT through the military we take your training in lieu of another internship. You are required to take the 48 credits of the MLS and upper division courses.


6. What is your success rate on the ASCP MLS board exam?


      • Our traditional students have a 92-100% pass rate.
      • It will take a few years’ time to determine the MLT to MLS success rate.


7. Do you have any other sources you can provide to me so I can look more in depth about the program?


      • The program handbook gives details of the traditional curriculum.
      • The MLT to MLS brochure is more specific in its details.


8. I am AMT certified as an MLT. Can I enroll?


      • If you graduated from a NAACLS accredited MLT program and passed a national board exam you can enroll.


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