Health Informatics Certificate Program

What students are saying

"The University of West Florida's Medical Informatics Certificate Program has given me the opportunity to learn the most current information available under the guidance of excellent instructors. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning about medical informatics!" 
Rosemary Stetson RN

"In the ever changing world of healthcare thanks to rapidly evolving technology and government mandated changes, it can be difficult for healthcare providers to find their way through. The Medical Informatics certificate program at UWF prepares healthcare professionals for the challenges of merging healthcare and information technology."
Jason Davis RN

I was recently hired by UCLA's Bioinformatics department and looking in retrospect I consider that the Health Informatics Certificate program from UWF gave me an edge over other candidates by portraying me as an expert on my field which was the perfect complement to my other skills.
This type of specialized certification has helped  me at other levels as well. First and foremost, the content of the program is incredibly current and relevant to this field, which already benefits you in your daily work as it provides you with the knowledge and context that otherwise would take years to acquire through experience. This is precisely what the certificate also does for you in the market place. It separates you from the competition by portraying you as someone with an additional level of expertise on the highly competitive world of medical informatics.
Javier Sanz

Program Overview

The Certificate in Health (Medical) Informatics program at the University of West Florida is available at the graduate level and provides an exploration of the interdisciplinary nature of Health Informatics, with coverage of the newest technologies and concepts such as:

  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • E-prescribing
  • Health information exchange
  • Home telehealth
  • Medical mobile technology
  • Data analytics

This is a program that should be of interest to physicians, nurses, health care administrators, business managers, medical librarians, computer scientists, IT technicians, engineers and others. The graduate Certificate program requires four online courses be taken and we offer an Advanced Certificate that requires six courses or 18 credit hours.

Putting It Together

Our emphasis is on the real world interaction between medicine and technology and not on theory. We provide practical and up-to-date examples of issues and interesting emerging technologies with regional, national, and international impact. All courses in our certificate program were designed with input from physicianscomputer scientists, and business leaders. You will develop real skills that will enable you to work effectively on interdisciplinary teams.

With an emphasis on tutorials providing hands-on training, team-based online discussions, and analysis of case studies, you will learn how to use a medical informatics education to make a difference, particularly in the area of improving communicationpatient safety, and quality of care in health care and/or public health arenas.


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Is this Certificate program accredited?

The graduate courses taken as part of the Certificate in Health Informatics program are part of the accreditation UWF has with SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools). For the current status of UWF's SACS accreditation, see our FAQs.

Graduate courses are also part of the accreditation UWF has with CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health), for those students applying the courses to the online Master of Public Health program. For the current status of UWF's CEPH accreditation, see our Masters of Public Health program.

What makes our program different from those at other schools?

  • Our program pulls in talented instructors who are working in various organizations with different levels of information technology integration. Our lead instructor has over 30 years of clinical experience as a physician and more than a decade of working in the informatics field.
  • We use a very up-to-date textbook, Health Informatics: Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals, Sixth Edition (2014), to teach the HSA4192/5197 Current Topics in Health Informatics course. The textbook (also available as an e-book, Kindle and rental versions) is updated every 2-3 years, and each chapter is available free of charge to students taking the course.
  • We utilize a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) known as Desire to Learn (D2L) or eLearning to administer our online courses. If you have not taken an online course before, please check out Gear Up for Online Learning, an online learning tutorial site.
  • Our HSA4193/5198 Electronic Clinical Record Systems course using the textbook Electronic Health Records: A Practical Guide for Professionals and Organizations, fifth edition, that includes EHR software for student exercises. 
  • Online courses at UWF are affordable, particularly compared to other universities.

HIMSS Veterans Career Services Initiative   

Our certificate program is part of the Health Information Management Systems Society program to support veterans who are planning a new career in health information technology. Further information can be obtained at their web site

Where do our students come from?

Students accepted from 2007 to 2011 were from the following states in the US: AL, FL, GA, NJ, NY, OH, OK, TN, VA, WV. We have also accepted international students from Canada, Italy, Saudi Arabia and India.

Notice to Online Students

The University of West Florida's Online Campus is not available to every state at this time. Please be sure to check our Online Campus to see if our courses are available to you.

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