Advanced Graduate Certificate in Medical Informatics Teaching and Integration - 18 sh

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Students interested in pursuing an advanced certificate in medical informatics complete an additional 6 semesters hours (2 courses) of graduate work, for a certificate including these courses:

Course NumberOffered
HSA 5197 Introduction to Medical Informatics
HSA 5198 Electronic Clinical Record Systems
PHC 6196 Computer Applications in Public Health Summer/Fall
PHC 6015 Epidemiological Study Design and Statistical Methods Spring/Fall
HSA 599X Advanced Topics in Healthcare Information Technology
Choose one of the following:  
PHC 6251 Disease Surveillance and Monitoring Fall
PHC 6194 GIS Applications in Public Health Fall
BSC 5459 Introduction to Bioinformatics Spring/Summer/Fall

The six courses in the Certificate may be taken in any order.

To apply to the 6-course program, submit the required Intent to Pursue form from our Application Procedures and Cost page and indicate this option on your application. For this program, you would earn each Certificate as you complete the required courses, recognizing that the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Medical Informatics Teaching and Integration includes the basic Graduate Certificate in Medical Informatics.

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