Undergraduate Minor in Community Health Promotion

A minor in Community Health Promotion is available to undergraduates and is composed of 12 additional semester hours in approved courses in biology, management, psychology, social work and health.

There is one required core course in conjunction with three elective courses. Electives must be approved in advance by the HLES Advisor. For course descriptions and requirements, please refer to the UWF Catalog.

Required Course

    • HSC 4120 Consumer Health Education

Elective Courses

Choose ONE from each of the following special topic areas:

  • Health Foundations (Choose one of the following):
    • HSC 4133 - Health Aspects of Human Sexuality
    • HSC 4143 - Drugs in Society
    • HSC 4551 - Communicable and Degenerative Diseases
  • Community Health and Environment (Choose one of the following):
    • HSC 4104 - Health Aspects of Stress Management
    • HSC 4211 - Human Environmental Health
    • HSC 4500 - Epidemiology
    • HSC 4633 - Current Issues in School-Community Health
  • Health Care (Choose one of the following):
    • CLP 4314 - Health Psychology
    • HSC 4300 - Changing Health Behaviors
    • HSC 4572 - Nutrition & Health
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