Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of common Advising questions asked by current and prospective students.

1. Where are you located and what are your hours?

College of Business Advising is now located on the second floor of the new College of Business Education Center, Building 76A, Room 224. Our hours are from 8 AM - 5 PM. To make an appointment, please call 850-474-3224.

2. Can I be advised by email or by phone?

If you have a brief question, there is no need to come into the office. Send an email to your advisor or contact 850-474-3442 to speak to an advisor or schedule a phone appointment.

3. Who is my academic advisor?

While all advisors in the College of Business may advise a student, at this time all Accounting & Finance majors are advised by Juliana Sampson, all Marketing & Economics majors are advised by Carol Rodgers and all Management & MIS majors are advised by Cheryl Powell.

4. What are the common prerequisites for the College of Business?
5. Can I take a prerequisite at the same time that it is required for another course?

No, you cannot take a prerequisite at the same time that it is required for another course.

6. Can I take a course without meeting the prerequisite(s)?

No. Students are required to meet all course prerequisites. It is possible that the registration system will allow you to register for a course even though you have not met the course's prerequisites. If you register for a course in which you do no meet the prerequisites, it is likely that you will be dropped from the course by the end of the drop/add period. Therefore, it is very important that you check all course prerequisites prior to registration.

7. If I take a class as a transient student, how would that affect my UWF registration?

You will not be able to register until your business advisor receives a transcript from your transient institution reflecting a passing grade in the class. You are strongly encouraged to consult our advisor prior to take transient classes.

8. Can I complete my undergraduate business degree from UWF online?

NO. While the College of Business does offer some courses online, it does not offer a fully online undergraduate degree.

9. How do I withdraw from a course?

A student may withdraw from a course while remaining in other course(s) before the end of the tenth week of instruction of any fall or spring semester (see calendar dates for summer semester and short term dates). A grade of "W" will be assigned during this period. Students may withdraw through MyUWF or obtain a form in the Office of the Registrar, OSC/UWF Fort Walton Beach Campus, and Eglin Center. Individual course withdrawals may not be processed after the published deadline. Appeals should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. Students who not officially withdraw will be assigned a standard letter grade. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor prior to withdrawing from classes and to contact the Cashier's Office for questions regarding fee liability or financial aid awards. Students who withdraw are not enrolled as of the date the withdrawal is processed.

10. What is grade forgiveness and how do I apply it?

Grade forgiveness is restricted to undergraduate degree-seeking students in undergraduate courses. A completed "Grade Forgiveness Request" form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of term of the semester in which the course is repeated. Forms are available online at (PDF). Beginning freshman students are allowed two opportunities for grade forgiveness during their undergraduate program. Transfer students are permitted one grade forgiveness. Grade forgiveness is limited to courses (4 semester hours or less) numbered 1000-4999, in which grades are recorded on an "A-F" scale, including "WF". Students who are admitted and enroll their first semester as a first-time college freshman are considered beginning freshman. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for information on status.

11. I am interested in doing an internship. How do I go about finding an internship and applying it for credit towards my major?

Information about the internship program can be found on the Career Services web site. Students who are registered with JasonQuest can view current listings of internship opportunities. Students not registered with JasonQuest generally arrange their own internships, subject to approval by the Department Chair and/or the intern advisor.

-  Must be enrolled at UWF for the duration of the internship
-  Must be a senior
-  Complete additional requirements outlined by the Department
-  Able to comply with employer's policies

For more information, please visit the internship web site for the department in which you are interested. Below is a list of departments in the College of Business that offer internships. Click on the department name to visit their respective internship page.

Accounting & Finance
Management & MIS
Marketing & Economics

12. I am graduating next semester. How do I apply for graduation and how do I register for MAN 4720?

To apply for graduation, you will need to turn in your application for graduation one semester before your final semester. You can find the application for graduation on the registrar's page. To register for MAN 4720, your application for graduation should be turned into your advisor, and you must have completed all prerequisites with a "C" or better. If you are a senior or junior, you will receive an email outlining the steps that you need to take to register for this course.

13. When will I receive my diploma?

The diploma will be mailed to the DIPLOMA MAILING ADDRESS submitted on your graduation application approximately six weeks after graduation.

Diploma mailing address changes must be made in writing to the Registrar's Office or by email to Diploma mailing address changes for undergraduates may also be submitted via the Undergraduate Graduation Checklist in the Student Records folder in MyUWF.

All financial holds, including Exit interviews, must be cleared before the diploma will be released.

14. Why do I have a hold on my account and how can I get my hold removed?

When a student's records are on hold there are services that they will not be able to access until the hold is removed. A hold is an indicator that notifies a student that they are expected to perform a certain task. This task could vary from talking to an advisor to paying a parking ticket. The most commonly affects the student's ability to register for courses. It can also impact services like requesting transcripts or use of library resources. If holds are present, a brief description of why a hold exists and the office that can help resolve it will be provided. Holds can only be removed by the office that placed them on the student's record.

15. How will a dropped course appear on my transcript? Will dropping a course reflect poorly on me?

If you drop a course during the drop/add period, it does not count as a drop and will not be reflected on your transcript. If you drop a course after the drop/add period, it will count as one of your two upper or lower division drops and a letter grade of W (Withdrawal) will appear on your transcript. Generally, a few W's on your transcript will not harm your academic record.

16. What is the difference between a minor and a certificate?

Minors and certificates are very similar in that they allow you to broaden your knowledge of a particular subject. They are different in that a minor will be listed on your transcript when you graduate, but a certificate will not. That should not inhibit you from pursuing a certificate.

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